There was a gathering of food workers at SFO on Friday that resulted in 41 . arrests

There was a gathering of food workers at SFO on Friday that resulted in 41 . arrests

A group of SFO food workers gathered outside Terminal 3 at San Francisco Airport on Friday to call for better pay, as they were joined by San Francisco state supervisors and politicians.

On July 1, 2022, San Francisco minimum wage raised to $16.99 an houra cry far from The $28 an hour financial experts agree is the bare minimum to get in San FranciscoAssuming you’re single and have no children.

Want to guess how much the average fast food worker earns per hour at San Francisco International Airport? US $17.05.

That’s only $0.06 above the city’s minimum wage. Worse off, members Unite here local 2the union that represents more than 1,000 fast food workers at SFO — a workgroup that includes baristas, servers, chefs and bartenders — has been without an updated contract or pay raise for three years.

It’s no wonder why the sheer number of these unionized workers are tired and assembled Friday afternoon in the San Francisco office to demand better wages.

According to event records, Dozens of food workers gathered at the airport outside Terminal 3 on Friday afternoon. The planned action blocked traffic near the airport between 2:00 and 4:00 pm and saw enthusiastic remarks from attendees who could not even pay for a single meal at the international airport.

“I have to work two jobs to support my family, and I’m exhausted from living four hours of sleep a day,” Lucinda Tu, a lounge worker at United and a servant in Cat Cora’s kitchen, told the newspaper. “I earn $16.99 an hour even though the meal at the airport costs at least $20. I hope this protest shows people that workers at SFO need change, and we are ready to strike for it.”

District 4 Superintendent Gordon Marr was present, and acknowledged that “[SFO] Workers deserve fair wages and fair treatment — and knowing that their elected officials stand behind them.”

and banners that read “One job should suffice”; The demonstrators also chanted “From the airport? Our airport” during the demonstration, which lasted for hours.

But due to the group blocking traffic, 41 protesters were arrested for sitting on the road and not obeying the orders of traffic officers. According to the Chronicle, those arrested included “San Francisco superintendents Connie Chan and Gordon Marr; state assemblyman Ash Clara; state senator Josh Baker; Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, a former state assemblyman and president of the California Labor Union; and Honey Mahogany, the candidate overseeing the Sixth District.” , according to “Unite Here Local 2”, which organized the protest.

All protesters were cited before they were all released; The potential fee will be determined by the San Mateo District Attorney, according to SFO Airport Duty Manager, Russell McKee; The protest did not cause casualties or delays in operations…despite previous fears that this might happen Impact of travel plans

While no strike has been officially authorized, Unite Here Local 2 said that in August, 99.7% of workers voted overwhelmingly to strike amid stagnating wages and contract negotiations — so one could start at any moment.

Image source: Twitter via @honeymahogany

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