Sustainability starts with small decisions

Sustainability starts with small decisions

The Australian real estate market is vibrant with growth and opportunity.

Seizing these opportunities and preparing yourself for prosperity is not just about building a business based on competencies and capabilities, but creating a business with a long-term goal of well-being as a primary outcome.

It’s been less than a year since I took over as Domain’s chief revenue officer, and the number of conversations involving sustainable business practices is growing.

I mainly asked how sustainable modeling partners with technological innovation to make real change within an agency and achieve long-term gains.

I see sustainability as a long-term approach to running a business – working to adopt digital practices and processes that help make better decisions, and supporting agents to improve workflows to facilitate better business outcomes.

It’s also about finding ways to support our employees – whether by investing in technology to support better business practices or outside activities like the Trailblazer Awards, sustainability is a long-term game that prioritizes well-being.

Sometimes it’s hard to see how these big picture concepts relate to the daily life of an agency – but there are some practical ways to build on them – not just in your business, but in digital solutions that will allow you to drive economically, environmentally and wellbeing the best results.

First, you should frame business decisions with the future in mind.

Sustainability modeling is needed at all levels, not only as a roadmap for business but also for our (and our employees’) well-being.

Doing this doesn’t have to be difficult – resources like domain proxy solutions are designed so that you can be more successful in half the time.

Pricefinder, for example, provides data and analytics to enhance your searches and promotions, giving you clarity about your opportunities.

It’s about helping you learn more about every feature faster and making sure every call you make is more effective – more success in less time.

Second, technology is your friend.

PropTech is developing rapidly. The development of the open platform, the rapid uptake of artificial intelligence, and the ongoing digitization of agency practices mean we are taking steps toward more sustainable business every day.

There are big and small ways to adopt technology, no matter the size of your business.

Tools like Bidtracker log relevant auction data, while the Real Domain Agent package includes automated reporting contract management tools.

The goal is to save you time by having the most valuable data at your fingertips right away, and save paper and processing by digitizing your workflow – meaning you can get things done without having to go back to the office.

Third, sustainability is also a social goal.

We need to build a sustainable business that benefits not only the bottom line, but the health and well-being of the team members that make up our agencies.

The field maintains social wellbeing through the Rise Conference, a resource in support of personal and group performance and wellness goals.

Rise offers programs and skills training to help align with the values ​​of Wellness, Mindfulness, Achievement, and Service.

We also have a free EAP offering that provides opportunities for agents to take advantage of professional development and training to support their health, enhance their productivity, and ultimately prepare them for business continuity in the industry.

They can arrange to chat with a qualified domain consultant or trainer, as often if necessary, all with complete confidence.

The recent celebration of Trailblazers award winners is not just a focus on future talent in our industry but innovation in action across our country’s real estate market.

The world is moving fast. Change is hard, but to thrive, we must adapt to a long-term business approach that prioritizes well-being and sustainability in the broad sense.

Sustainability starts with small decisions. By using digital tools and software to save critical time of the day, you and your team can focus on what you do best.

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