Savvos Health, the digital health fintech platform, wins $1 million in pre-seed round

Savvos Health, the digital health fintech platform, wins $1 million in pre-seed round

A New Startup Disrupting the Booming Alternative Healthcare Space

American Fork, UtahAnd the September 20 2022 /PRNewswire/- Savos He announced that he raised a little more 1 million dollars From Lance EvensonWe are the financier, we assure the unions, Jared LynchAnd the Stuart Schantz friendship. Daniel Harris To further develop the Savvos platform and software, work on business development, and pursue additional provider relationships across the country.

Savvos brings a new healthcare experience to patients, payers and providers with a smarter way to find a great price, schedule care and essentially simplify payment for elective outpatient procedures. Savvos promotes the largest national cash payments marketplace and has been a pioneer in instant cash payments™. Savvos, the industry’s leading fintech platform, allows patients, payers and service providers to come together in a single conversation to finalize pricing and other details Before Action.

Savvos benefits all parties by helping fee payers find the most affordable options, while helping patients find quality care in centers of excellence. Patients come to Savvos for procedures ranging from general surgeries, orthopedics, women’s health, endoscopy, colonoscopy, imaging and more.

“We have become the engine to facilitate healthcare transactions,” he explains. Le Morin, CEO of Savvos. “In our fintech platform, members find their most affordable rates, and then we connect the health plan, surgical center or hospital, and surgeon in one conversation with the member by enabling the process of scheduling care, terminating the rate, authorizing payment through the healthcare plan, and facilitating instant payment for these providers. “.

Success stories abound from patients and payers who have connected with affordable providers and saved tens of thousands of dollars through Savvos. For example, a member used Savvos to facilitate ovarian cyst surgery. The local hospital price for that surgery was $117,000but the hospital will cut the price by almost 50% to 60 thousand dollars. However, in the Savvos platform, the member was able to find the same surgery in a local high-quality surgical center for only 6500 dollars.

“These stories sometimes become emotional experiences with our platform because our platform becomes the single point of contact where everyone discusses and finishes these actions in one conversation,” Morin says. “When we get this kind of information in front of consumers, we can make it an incredibly successful member experience because we’re saving the member and paying thousands of dollars, and making the cash payment settlement a reality for these providers across the country.”

About Savvos Health: Savvos has created the nation’s largest cash-for-money marketplace for shoppable medical care, including outpatient, imaging, lab surgeries and more. Demand is growing for reasonable cash rates from alternative payers such as healthy stocks, self-financed employer groups, creative insurance products, self-pay consumers and more. Savvos is redefining the healthcare experience for patients, payers and providers by connecting everyone involved in a healthcare decision to create real-time aggregate prices, simplify scheduling, secure payer approval and ensure prompt payment. Savvos eliminates the need to develop networks or direct contracts with the alternative payment market by making cash payment pricing the future of healthcare.

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