Nature supports your health and well-being - here's how |  sponsored by

Nature supports your health and well-being – here’s how | sponsored by

When you immerse yourself in nature, you can feel its effects.

Feeling the breeze on your skin, hearing the chirping of birds, seeing the landscape with splashes of bright color – these experiences reset us, unimaginable.

Evidence shows that these effects are real. Nature interacts with our brains and bodies, improving our health and well-being.

A recent study found That only two hours a week in nature improved the health and well-being of the participants.

It seems reasonable. We are part of the natural world. We are from him and we return to him. So, of course, it brings us back in between.

Today, we are bombarded with reversing the healing effects of nature. Screens of all kinds β€” and the information in them β€” drain us.

This is why getting out into nature is essential, to escape from the daily stresses of the modern world. Let’s explore the ways this directly affects different parts of our human experience and our health.

Calm your mind and lift your mood

The restorative feeling I got in nature actually It has a name: “soft magic”.

In the city, our minds track constant movement, loud sounds and their location, lights and signs – information beyond what we even realize.

In nature, we absorb in a relaxed, conscious state. We don’t have to analyze multiple systems. Instead of being on high alert, we can breathe fresh air – at a naturally slower pace – to find calm and serenity.

Therefore, it is not surprising that natural environments help with this Low mood and depression. It can compensate for modern life and screen time. A simple and regular walk can greatly improve our mood and productivity.

Heal your body and reduce pain

Our bodies respond to nature, just as our minds do. In a group of patients who underwent gallbladder surgery, half were looking out at trees from their windows He had less pain Compared to those who have no point of view. Those with views of the greenery had shorter hospital stays with fewer medications and complications.

This shows that even being close to nature can positively affect our bodies. This increases when sitting on the grass, for example – and even more so when cycling, swimming or walking your dog.

Communicate Better, Feel Joy, Increase Empathy

Nature also helps us connect more with others, experience collective joy, and empathize.

A study of schoolchildren in Barcelona found that those who lived near green spaces and beaches did better (and were more likely to exhibit positive social behavior). This is carried over into urban landscapes as well. Another study showed that these societies have Better neighborhood relationships and less violent crime.

In a world where screens are becoming more and more dividing and separating us, nature can help us remember how to reconnect on a meaningful level.

Looking for solace from grief

Landscaping can calm intense emotions and help us feel close to others, mitigating loss of all kinds. Sadness increases because of loneliness. Nature reminds us that we are all part of something, and helps us to better connect with others.

The grieving process varies from person to person – and it’s not a straight line. It can involve clinical depression, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and chronic sadness, among others. Nature provides comfort and convenience.

Memorial forest like The best place for the Berkshires forest Offer an option where those who are grieving can feel held in a quiet place to grieve. Being surrounded by nature can have an increased calming effect compared to an urban cemetery. To learn more about this option, call 877-830-8311.

One Better Place Forests customer put it this way:

“I’ve spent several days walking in the woods. When you hear the birds, the wind, the rustle of leaves, the falling snow – it’s a wonderful, wonderful experience. You have the feeling of being part of something bigger, which is why I think this will resonate with a lot of people.”

– Dwight B.

This feeling is the reason Many people choose memorial forests for their end-of-life plans. They know that family and friends will have a place to go to remember them, feel connected, and deal with emotions – which creates a bonding experience, too.

This resting place will help protect the forest for loved ones in the future – in a green space that provides all the benefits that can help them recover.

β€œIt is a decision to be part of nature and preserve our beautiful trees and forests. It is a decision to help reforest and reverse climate change. Finally, this is my decision. My family will have peace of mind.”

Better Place Forests agent, Cathy F.

You can choose a forest as a place to rest

Choosing a tree for your ash can help everyone in your circle get all of nature’s benefits.

You will also leave a legacy of preservation. Your tree helps protect the forest and all its inhabitants. In addition, with every souvenir tree purchase, we plant reforestation seedlings through Partnership with One Tree PlantedTo help reforest America.

End of life plans are very personal. Learn more about memorial trees As an option – and immerse yourself in nature – by visiting our site Berkshire Forest. Or take a free online tour with one of our consultants. We are always happy to answer any of your questions – just call us at 877-830-8311.

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