Kansas Athletic Performance Manager Matt Gilderslev is leading a team in training this fall.

How KS football uses sports science to monitor players’ fitness

Lawrence — In August, after an open soccer practice in Kansas, coach Lance Leibold uttered the words “load management” as he explained why some players wouldn’t do what others were doing that day.

The two words are perhaps not unfamiliar to sports fans’ ears. They highlight how the team handles the workload of the individual or, in this case, the group. As Leibold further explained his rationale for the decision that day, he stated that they were trying to make sure these guys were in the best shape possible before the season opener.

But just because the game week leading up to the September 2 competition against Tennessee Tech came and went, not to mention West Virginia (September 10) and Houston (September 17), it doesn’t mean that they gave up their efforts to study the data they collect while monitoring player activity. Conceptually, what they’re doing now is no different than what they did at or before fall camp, said athletic performance director Matt Gelderslev on Wednesday. It’s still an important part of the weekly plan and dates back to the time he and Leibold were in Buffalo together.

How did the program start?

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