How food cabinets make takeout more tempting than delivery

How food cabinets make takeout more tempting than delivery

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Imagine someone just coming home from work, and thinking about placing an order from their favorite local restaurant. While narrowing down their menu choices, they also weigh their choices between takeout and delivery, creating a list of pros and cons in their minds.

“I’m craving tacos! I guess I’ll order delivery, relax and watch a movie. Wait, that says waiting time is 40 to 50 minutes! And what are the delivery charges?? I’m hungry Currently-And I can drive there myself in half the time.”

Today’s customers face higher costs everywhere from rent to groceries and travel, which makes them more likely to consider eating out — especially if the restaurant makes the experience fast and reliable.

Eating out: Once it bites, shy twice

Unfortunately, restaurants sometimes overlook the importance of making taking orders fun. in Bluedot last scanmore than 50% of customers said they had had poor receiving experiences: their order was taken by someone else, they had to report to staff for help or their order wasn’t ready when promised.

To shift the customer’s list of pros and cons towards overseas pickup, operators need to remember that they are competing with very convenient delivery. This is where smart food cabinets come in, like the ones in Apex Order Receipt Solutions, is a great help. They make sure that the right order reaches the right customer at the right time – and receipt takes less than 10 seconds. It also gives operators valuable data about the last step of the ordering journey that they may lose to delivery service providers.

No fees, the price is right

For many customers, what tops the list of takeaway “pros” is that picking up from the pantry doesn’t cost them anything. There are no listing fees or margins. That’s a welcome option given the cost of food these days — consumers have seen grocery prices go up about 9% in the past year, while restaurant prices have gone up about 7%.

This means that the ‘do it yourself’ option to pick up from a smart dining cabinet fits their budget and makes them feel better about their decision. With that extra money in their pocket, they might even make their order bigger or add dessert or appetizers.

It’s fast and reliable

With timely pick-up notifications, takeaway customers know they can pick up as soon as they arrive. Many restaurants now combine smart food cabinets with smart location services that detect when customers are on their way. This helps them choose the best time to place the order and place it in the cupboard so that the food is as fresh as possible when the guests arrive.

Once this guest is in, pickup from the locker is a snap. They simply scan the code on their phone, their room lights up and the door opens. Then they take their orders and are on their way – all in about 10 seconds.

With smart food cabinets, the order delivery process is more efficient for restaurant staff as well. They just load one order and move on to the next, knowing they’ll all go to the right customers. If by chance a customer is late and the order has been sitting for a long time, their cabin light will change color to give them an alarm.

No contact, no pressure

Let’s face it: when someone is tired and a little “hungry,” the all-digital experience feels just right. Food safes are ideal for people who prefer the precision, speed, and clutter-free experience offered by today’s restaurant technology.

Once these customers experience how easy it is to pick up from the pantry, they will return to it whenever they want their favorite meal without the additional delivery cost. They know their order will be ready when they get there, without anyone else touching it (or maybe the driver eating the french fries!)

Using an automated solution like Apex’s OrderHQ™ Smart Food Locker gives restaurant operators a powerful way to convert customers from takeout and own the entire customer journey (and their data) while delivering an experience that ensures repeat visits from their customers.

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