Holtz's Heroes Foundation and Meals With Muffet collect 981 pounds of food for local food stores

Holtz’s Heroes Foundation and Meals With Muffet collect 981 pounds of food for local food stores

Last Friday afternoon Holtz Heroes FoundationConcurrently with Meals with Muffet, They held their second annual Corn Hole Championship (photos below) and collected 981 pounds of food for local food pantries. A large crowd was on hand for a raucous competition in the corn hole while food was collected to help beat the hunger. If you can’t stop at the event to donate some food, there are still ways to get involved!

In her retirement, former Notre Dame coach Muffett McGraw spent her time conquering hunger and leading neighborhood food drives in South Bend. Now, she’s inviting you to step out of the ranks and join Meals With Muffet.

Meals With Muffet is a nationwide food campaign for clubs, groups, families and individuals to work as a team in the fight against hunger in their communities. In the United States, more than 37 million people and more than 11 million children are still food insecure. Our goal is to collect 250,000 pounds of food during September, which is National Anti-Hunger Month.

Meals With Muffet is a partnership between Coach McGraw, Bread of Life Drive, and Holtz’s Heroes Foundation, Inc. and the Notre Dame Alumni Association. As a sign of appreciation, if you participate, you will be entered into a drawing to win a basketball signed by Coach McGraw or a football signed by a member of Holtz’s Heroes. Together, we can join forces to defeat hunger!

Join us as we work together to beat hunger!

Dealing with Meals With Muffet is simple.

1. Organize your collection

Decide if you want to participate as an individual, family, or group. Next, contact your group and select a time and location that works best.

2. Contact your local food bank

Contact your local food bank to let them know about your project, discuss with them your preferred delivery date, and cover any regulations. (this is Tool from Feeding America They can help you find your local organization.) Some food banks may not collect items at this time. If so, you can still participate in Meals With Muffet by making a cash donation to your local food bank.

3. Advertise your food campaign

Consider using flyers, local media, or social media to promote your leadership. Be sure to include important information, such as the date, time, location, and goal, as well as any relevant social distancing guidelines. Include contact information for questions. While driving, take photos and share them on social media using #MealsWithMuffet.

4. Collection and delivery

Finally, get your team together and collect the food! Make sure to stay hydrated and follow any local social distancing protocols. Track your total donation, and give it to help feed those in need in your community.

Please use Who is this To track your group and enter the prize draw from Meals With Muffet. If you are part of a group, please submit information only once.

Muffett McGraw

Moffett McGraw was the women’s basketball coach at Notre Dame from 1987 to 2020. In her 33 seasons, McGraw went 848–252 (.771), winning two national championship titles (2001, 2018), and 25 regular season and conference championships. McGraw was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2017 and ranked sixth all-time NCAA Division I coaches with 936 career wins.

A lifelong advocate for social justice and women’s equality, McGraw has expanded her efforts to alleviate hunger in retirement. You can follow her on Twitter, Tweet embed.

Bread of Life Drive

The Bread of Life Drive (BOLD) is an annual food drive organized by the Notre Dame Club on Staten Island. BOLD groups are held in the spring to bridge the gap between holiday food drives and to benefit local non-profit organizations.

The Club of Notre Dame on Staten Island staged its first BOLD in 1992 in recognition of the university’s 150th anniversary. Since its inception, Staten Island BOLD has collected more than 1,285,000 non-perishable food items, inspiring similar food drives from Notre Dame clubs across the country. To learn more about BOLD, watch this video 25th Anniversary or visit The Notre Dame Club of Staten Island website.

Holtz Champions Foundation, Inc.

Holtz’s Heroes Foundation, Inc. , named in honor of Coach Lou Holtz and his players at Notre Dame, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to the educational needs of disadvantaged students and supporting charitable and educational activities and organizations within its communities.

Holtz Heroes Lou’s Lads Endowed Scholarship is supported by the Bobby Satterfield Trust, and has been in partnership with Bread of Life Drives since 2015.

Notre Dame Alumni Association

The Notre Dame Alumni Association He works with university alumni, parents and friends, to strengthen the bonds with Notre Dame and each other. It helps them thrive in faith, service, learning and work and inspires them to act as forces for good in their communities and the world.

Here are some pictures from last Friday’s event!

Participants in the 2022 Holtz’s Heroes Cornhole Championships.
Image source: Michel Zajko

Jeremy and Angie Akers with Coach McGraw
Image source: Lisa Kelly

Image source: Lisa Kelly

Notre Dame Alumna, Haley Scott DeMaria
Image source: Lisa Kelly

Former Notre Dame footballer, Typhon Kone
Image source: Lisa Kelly

Some friendly caresses between rivals.
Image source: Lisa Kelly

It was a good time by everyone. (Ryan Keener makes his shot.)
Image source: Lisa Kelly

The Genie and the fans stopped there.
Image source: Lisa Kelly

Reggie Brooks congratulates the winners.
Image source: Lisa Kelly

Moffett McGraw and Reggie Brooks with the winning team.
Image source: Lisa Kelly

Loading food to take to the local food bank.
Image source: Lisa Kelly

Cheers and GO IRISH!

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