Global AI network launched to improve equity in urban heart health in New York City

  • AI4HealthyCities Health Equity Network from Novartis, Microsoft AI for Health and NYU School of Global Public Health uses data and analytics to target heart health inequalities
  • Additional cities will be announced soon, with each city program examining the impact of different factors that affect heart health, such as structural racism, housing or education.
  • AI4HealthyCities challenges the current reality where neighboring zip codes have drastic differences in the heart health of their residents

New YorkAnd the September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/- New York It is the first city to be announced in the new AI4HealthyCities Health Equity Network, which aims to reimagine how cities address heart health inequalities.

d said Anne AertsPresident of the Novartis Foundation. “In New York and other cities, we believe that AI-based data and insights can help stakeholders make informed decisions about impactful urban heart health interventions that ultimately reach the largest number of people.”

AI4HealthyCities aims to collect data from the health and health-impact sectors and apply innovative data science techniques to provide authorities and other decision makers with insights into the major drivers of cardiovascular disease – the world’s number one cause of death and disability.1 As health is affected not only by the quality of healthcare, but also by the conditions in which people are born, grow, work, and age, these data-driven insights can increase understanding of how to improve heart health by modifying some of the key elements. Social, economic, or environmental determinants of health. This includes factors as diverse as housing, access to healthy food, physical exercise or green space, education, occupation, pollution, immigration, the impact of structural racism and bribery.

The AI4HealthyCities Health Equity Network was created by the Novartis Foundation and developed in collaboration with Microsoft AI for Health. Novartis is holding this new network as part of its commitment to help cities address the burning health problems of our time – cardiovascular disease and health inequality – by using data and analytics to re-engineer reactive care systems into proactive, predictive, and preventive health systems that keep people healthy. in New York CityThe initiative is run in partnership with New york university College of Global Public Health; NYC Health + Hospitals public hospital system; and city health authorities.

Dr. Jose Pagan, Professor of Public Health Policy and Management at New York University’s School of Global Public Health and Chairman of the Board of Directors of NYC Health+ Hospitals, New York City The public hospital system said: “Where people live and work New Yorkand the degree of their social and economic deprivation, have a greater impact on cardiovascular disease risk than their access to health care. This initiative will give us better insights into the cardiovascular health of New Yorkers in an effort to identify the most pressing issues to address and shape our city’s policies.”

This initiative can help policymakers in urban areas better direct health resources toward the interventions that can have the greatest impact on heart health.

Dr Mitchell Katz“Equality in health is central to the mission and values ​​of NYC Health+ Hospitals,” said NYC Health+ President and CEO. Finding new ways to use data on the social determinants of health and cardiovascular disease can help us inform our work and achievement on the promise to empower all New Yorkers. than living their life better.

Juan La Vista Ferris“Combining anonymized demographic data from many different sources enables us to use street-level machine learning to assess levels of cardiovascular risk,” said Microsoft Chief Data Scientist. “If applied correctly, it could revolutionize preventive interventions. in heart health.”

The Novartis Foundation will support the implementation of the initiative through global coordination and bringing together urban and cardiovascular health experts. It will work with city authorities and their partners to translate data insights into roadmaps for population health and disseminate lessons learned through AI4HealthyCities Summits.

The New York School of Global Public Health will lead research in collaboration with Microsoft AI for Health by collecting data on cardiovascular disease and the social determinants of heart health in New York City. Microsoft AI for Health will provide data management and analysis tools.

AI4HealthyCities is part of the Novartis Foundation’s global vision to improve urban heart health and narrow health disparities. It builds on the Novartis-proven CARDIO4Cities approach, which has reimagined a city-wide response to overall cardiovascular risk reduction, in three initial pilot cities (São Paulo, Dakar and Ulaanbaatar). In each city, the initiative tripled blood pressure control rates, sometimes raising control rates to levels better than those achieved in European countries. The Novartis Foundation is currently expanding its approach to other cardiovascular risk factors, such as high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity in São Paulo, DakarAnd the Ho Chi Minh City.

About the Novartis Foundation

The Novartis Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland. For more than 40 years, we have helped improve the health of low-income populations, initially supporting the elimination of diseases in areas such as leprosy and malaria. Today, we deal with the pressing issues of our time, cardiovascular disease and health inequality. We take a population health approach, which means bringing together existing but uncorrelated data to help authorities understand the root causes of uneven health outcomes, and identify the best approaches and best partners to treat them. This enables governments to transform their health systems from reactive to proactive, predictive and preventive, and to achieve health equity among the populations they serve.
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