Discussing Safety, Health and Wellbeing at Plowing 2022

Discussing Safety, Health and Wellbeing at Plowing 2022

The Farmers4Safety Project – Risk Management with the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) -AGRI and Muintir Na Tíre are participating in this year’s National and World Plowing Championships to help raise awareness of farm safety, health and wellbeing.

Discussions on all matters relating to farm safety, health and well-being will take place at the Muintir Na Tíre Community Pavilion in Plowing, which runs from September 20-22.

Partnership talks aim to assist, engage and direct farming communities to the various services and supports they may need, highlighting the essential role that Farmers4Safety and Muintir Na Tíre play in supporting and developing farming communities.


Farmers4Safety Managing risks together The EIP AGRI project adopts a peer-to-peer routing approach. It researches farmers’ and their families’ behaviors and attitudes toward farm safety, health, and welfare.

“It is also changing the norm around farm safety and emotional wellbeing so that it becomes a natural and sustainable part of Ireland’s agricultural culture while making the sector safer for those who live, work and visit farms,” said project manager Niamh Nolan.

“By using a peer-to-peer mentoring approach, it will effectively engage farmers on the land and be the catalyst for changing social norms regarding farm safety, health and wellbeing.”

Muintir Na Tire It is a national voluntary organization dedicated to promoting the community development process.

It works to enhance the capacities of people in communities, both rural and urban, to participate in local social, economic, cultural and environmental development.

Cork mentor, John Murphy at Farmers4Safety – Managing Risk Together EIP-AGRI Project Platform

Represent and support the interests of local communities, identifies their problems while supporting, informing and influencing government policy.

“Muinter na Terre’s core principles of neighbourhood, self-help and self-reliance have effectively engaged with communities on the ground while allowing for active participation in the development of their areas,” said Niamh.

“Extreme stresses in the agriculture sector have left farmers exposed to stress, anxiety, exhaustion and financial stress, which in turn can lead to accident or death.

“It is important that they are aware of the support and services available to them.

“Through the Farmers4Safety Network and Muintir Na Tíre together, it is hoped that it will impact and raise awareness of safety, health and wellbeing in farming communities and communities across the country,” said Niamh.

“There is intense pressure on farmers and their families to keep up with the pace of farming, and so farmers or farming families may risk their safety, health and well-being in order to complete jobs.

“At this year’s plowing tournaments, we hope to highlight and raise awareness of the various support mechanisms available to farming communities with Muintir Na Tíre and the importance of farm safety, health and well-being when doing jobs on the farm,” an officer said.

Secretary of State in the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Navy Martin Haydon said the National Plowing Championships provide the perfect opportunity for farmers to take a break from the farm after a busy summer period. He encouraged farm families to take advantage of the partnership.

“A healthy work-life balance helps promote physical and mental well-being that is closely linked to farm and productive farm safety,” he said.

“I would like to urge all farmers and their families to seize the opportunity to visit Farmers4Safety and Muintir Na Tíre at this year’s event and benefit from their expertise.”

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