Couple uses faith and fitness to change society

Couple uses faith and fitness to change society

FLORENCE – Herbert and Nicole Goodman use their love of fitness and faith to not only help people achieve their body goals, but also to drive their clients to transform in mind, body, and spirit.

The husband and wife own Goodlife Fitness CPR, a religious gym at 400 E. South Village Blvd. in Florence.

Herbert Goodman, who grew up an athlete, said fitness has always been a part of a couple’s lifestyle – both individually and collectively. Before the couple even considered owning a business, the two of them worked and exercised frequently in their spare time. Herbert said his wife had put the idea in his mind for the couple to start a business.

Nicole Goodman said that the impact of fitness on their lives has been huge from mental to health and she wanted others to experience the positive changes that came from a healthier lifestyle.

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With time and plenty of prayer, the couple decided they were meant to open a gym and make their mark on society through faith and fitness.

“My wife had the vision,” Herbert Goodman said. “She wanted to see others get healthy and in good shape. It started when Nicole was struggling in the gym and I had ways to help her get fit. I felt other people could benefit from my advice.”

Nicole Goodman noted that her husband had talent and had a love for seeing people in good health.

She is a social worker with a background in nephrology. Through her work, she treats a lot of people with kidney disease. She said a lot of her patients ended up on dialysis due to either high blood pressure or diabetes and she wanted to do everything she could to reduce people’s chances of getting sick by taking care of their bodies and leading a healthy lifestyle.

She took a healthy lifestyle seriously and it caused her to change her habits. She said she wants to be a good role model for her patients, family, neighbors and community.

“When you have a healthy community, you have a healthy world,” said Nicole Goodman. “With just one person at a time, we can make a difference.”

Herbert Goodman said their ultimate goal is to keep their customers healthy.

“We are getting older and we want everyone to age gracefully,” he said. We want people to feel good about themselves. When people look in the mirror, we want them to be happy with what they see.”

Love and self-confidence are important and the couple realizes that when people feel good about themselves, they see the world more clearly and positively.

Nicole Goodman said that when clients come to Goodlife Fitness, they are evaluated for their goals and how to reach the end goal they are reaching. It makes its clients visualize where they ultimately want to be, because if they can see it, they can get to that end point.

“We try to figure out what they want to help with,” she said, “why do they want to help and what is their end goal? We meet them wherever they are and we make them envision where they want to be. Then, we help them lead in that direction.”

Herbert Goodman said that the transmission of mind, body, and spirit they want for their clients begins in the mind. He said you have to make up your mind that you will change and then it is only a matter of time before you have what you want in front of you.

“You have to decide that you are going to change your lifestyle habits,” he said.

He said not everyone’s goal in fitness is the same. Some people want to gain weight, some want to lose weight and some just want to be healthier overall. He said body image issues were a real thing and in their gym, they are handled with care. He said that they meet people wherever they are, never make people feel uncomfortable, and encourage them to achieve this goal so that they are confident in themselves.

Herbert Goodman said, “We must realize that we are created in the image of God.” “Most importantly, he loves us in whatever situation we are in. Our goal is to have better health and incorporate eating habits, healthy eating and exercising regularly, to get the results they are looking for.”

He said health and wellness should be a part of everyday life and he is imparting that to all of his clients.

Nicole Goodman said she strives to make sure everyone who comes in has a healthy image of themselves. She said she’s trying to make sure people want a picture because it’s healthy and not because social media said you should look that way.

She said, “Whether you’re a 100lb person, or a 200lb person. Everyone’s makeup is different, and the image people are trying to get on TV may not be their genetic makeup.”

“A true transition begins in the heart and mind,” said Nicole Goodman. “The by-product looks good on the outside. The changes we have to make are on the inside.”

All CPR fitness is centered around Christ, and the couple said Jesus was the main ingredient for the change.

“We can work on people and give them health plans, but most importantly we try to tap into the spiritual side and help them realize the most important thing, which is the relationship with Christ,” Herbert Goodman said.

He said that everything that takes place outside of Christ is done in vain.

Prayers take place before each class and scriptures are engraved on the walls. The couple said that the gym is often a service and they recognized that going to the gym may be the closest thing some people have to going to church and they are using this opportunity to share their faith.

“Some people just don’t feel comfortable going to church and the gym might be the only place they get the word out,” Nicole said. The couple said they are willing to bridge the gap and be that voice that serves the people.

“We are passionate about people who do not know God because we have the opportunity to serve and share our faith,” she said.

Exercising at Goodlife Fitness CPR is no easy feat. Right on the gym door when you leave is a sign above the door that says: But did you die? Nicole said the label represents her sarcastic tone and how hard her clients work when they enter the gym.

“When you come to Goodlife Fitness, it’s going to be a hard workout,” Nicole said. “I’m not going to tell you otherwise. People say they won’t make it in the middle of a workout because it’s so hard, but they always get through it and I remind them they didn’t die and they made it through.”

Nicole said that it resonates in life and that once their clients begin to realize that they can achieve it through challenging workouts, they begin to realize their strengths in other areas of their lives.

Nicole said most of her clients’ problems have been a lack of consistency and motivation, and once people become disciplined about their exercise, they can start taking charge of their life choices and making changes like making it work on time or overcoming other unhealthy habits in their lives. life.

Nicole said fitness is empowerment and their goal is to treat the whole person, not a specific area. She also said the gym is family friendly and working moms and single moms are able to bring their kids while they work = self-improving suites.

Nicole emphasized that you can’t pour from an empty cup and that moms and everyone need to take care of their health so they can cast their light and contribute to society which in turn makes the world a brighter place.

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