Big Fitness Project: Danny undergoes lab testing;  Julia hits Covid hurdle;  And it's Steve's last chance to beat the U-20s

Big Fitness Project: Danny undergoes lab testing; Julia hits Covid hurdle; And it’s Steve’s last chance to beat the U-20s

At the beginning of April 2022, we brought you the Cycling Weekly Big Fitness Project team of amateur cyclists – Danny Lloyd, Steve Faulkner and Julia Barty – as they embarked on six months of training, racing, time trialing and riding a Gran Fondo. It’s time for the penultimate update…

Danny Lloyd: “We feed on data, we fast to burn fat!”

August has always been a challenging month, and it sure was a carnage! Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad, but the training was harder than ever. The month started with a family vacation at Center Parks in the Lake District, and taking my bike meant I had some good rides. Since then, though, my schedule has been insane: At the time of writing, I was having the potential of 14 seizures over a 16-day period! Adapting my sleep patterns between night and day shifts as I try to intercept in difficult interval sessions…well, you can imagine. This hectic period was predictable, and with my coach Jack Reese, we factored in the disruptions in my schedule. Another two weeks and then I’ll be able to see the wood for the trees.

Danny Lloyd in the lab

Danny in the lab with physiologist Greg Morgan

(Image credit: Danny Lloyd)

The big improvement in my training this month was the incorporation of a shiny new data set resulting from metabolic testing with Greg Morgan at Doctor Sprocket in Wallasey ( Using Pnoe breath analysis equipment, the tests produced a very detailed report with lots of helpful takeaways. The first thing reported was an abnormal and very ineffective respiratory pattern, which is probably the result of an old neck injury. Knowing that means I can now start working on it with the Breathe app.

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